Contact with Prospective Student-Athletes


1. Feel free to attend high school and community college athletic events. You simply cannot have any contact with the prospect or their relatives or friends.  A booster may not contact anyone associated with the prospect in an effort to evaluate him/her.  A Franklin Pierce Athletics staff member cannot request or direct a booster to evaluate a prospect.

2. Continue longtime established family relationships with friends and neighbors. Contacts with sons and daughters of these families are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes and are not initiated by a Franklin Pierce athletics staff member.

3. Feel free to attend a public event (e.g., a high school award banquet or dinner) at which prospects are in attendance. However, no attempt should be made to recruit prospects at those events.

4. Send the Franklin Pierce coaching staff any newspaper clippings or other information about prospects that you think would be of interest and let the coaching staff make the appropriate contact with the prospect.


1. Make any contact with a prospect or the prospect's family on or off campus. If a Franklin Pierce coach has a prospect at an athletic event, you should not approach the coach until after the prospect and family have gone elsewhere. If you are approached by a prospect off campus regarding the institution's athletics program, suggest that the prospect contact the institution for information.

2. Become directly or indirectly involved in making arrangements for a prospect, the prospect's relatives or friends to receive money or financial aid of any kind.

3. Transport, pay or arrange for payment of transportation costs for a prospect or the prospect's relatives or friends to visit the campus.

4. Provide room and/or board, transportation of any kind or any other benefit to a prospect during the summer prior to enrollment.

5. Provide ANYTHING to or for a prospect, or the prospect's relatives or friends without first checking with the institution's athletic department.

6. Provide tickets, transportation or entertain high school, prep school or community college COACHES at ANY location.

7. Contact any enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging them to transfer and participate in another institution's athletic program.

8. Contact the prospect's coach, principal, or counselor for the purpose of evaluating the prospect. You are not permitted to pick up films or transcripts from the prospect's educational institution.