General Eligibility Requirements

General NCAA Progress-Towards-Degree Requirements for Student-Athlete Eligibility

  1. Student-Athlete must be registered at all times for a minimum of 12 semester hours. If they fall below 12 hours they are immediately ineligible to practice or compete.
  2. A minimum of 24 hours in the major, minor or general education areas are required during the academic year. 75% or 18 semester hours must be passed during the fall and spring semesters. 6 semester hours may be taken and applied during the summer session to meet the 24 hour requirement.
  3. A student-athlete must declare a major prior to the start of their 5th full time semester. 
  4. During the first 4 full time semesters student-athletes must take course work that would meet the general education requirements if they have not declared a major.
  5. If a student-athlete changes their declared major they are required to have this documented with the registrar's office. Course work of the old and new major may be utilized to satisfy progress-towards-degree in one academic year. A second change of major especially in the same academic year will most likely result in ineligibility.
  6. Student-athletes are required to pass a minimum of 6 credit hours the previous semester to remain eligible. For example, a failure to pass 6 credit hours in the fall will result in ineligibility for the spring semester. Failure to pass 6 hours in the spring will result in ineligibility for the fall semester. Summer hours may not be utilized to overcome the deficit of the 6 hour rule.
  7. NCAA cum GPA requirements are more lenient than Franklin Pierce University requirement, but the stricter of the two must be followed. The requirement for Franklin Pierce University are as follows:
    1. After completing 24 hours - 1.80
    2. After completing 48 hours - 2.00
  8. Transfer from a 2 yr college deemed a qualifier by the NCAA Clearinghouse (Eligibility Center) must average passing a minimum 12 credit hours (of transferable credits) and have spent one full time in residence at the 2 yr college, and have GPA of 2.0 or above.   If a deemed a non-qualifier or partial qualifier by the NCAA Clearinghouse (Eligibility Center) they must have spent 2 full time semesters at the 2 yr college.  They must average passing 12 credits hours (of transferable credits), and have a 2.0 GPA or above. If they do not meet the then a one year residency is required.
  9. Transfers from a 4-year college must be meeting progress-towards-degree at the previous institution with the required GPA.
  10. All transfers that have not attended an NCAA DI or DII institution full time must also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to have their amateur status certified.