Gambling Prohibition

In order to keep you up-to-date and informed regarding NCAA and University regulations that pertain to your involvement with any gambling activity and to provide a timely reminder to help you avoid any activities that may jeopardize your eligibility to participate and compete, please review the following rules. It is important for you, your teammates, and the University that you know and abide by all NCAA rules and regulations.

  • You may not knowingly provide information to individuals involved in any type of organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition.
  • You may not solicit a bet on any intercollegiate or professional team.
  • You may not accept a bet on any team representing Franklin Pierce or participate in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate or professional athletics through a bookmaker, a parlay card or any other method employed by organized gambling.
  • Participation in "tournament brackets" on-line or otherwise can be considered gambling. DO NOT participate in NCAA brackets.